Sunday, July 30, 2006

If you would care to look right.... will notice the presence of a pleasant little addition to my blog. She's from Zwinky, and basically changes according to my mood on any particular day. :D

I thought it was such a fun little idea, and she looks pretty funky, so hopefully it will all prove to be a bit of fun.

Just click on her if you're interested in getting one for yourself.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

We Always Knew Harry Was Gay...

Note to Mozilla Users

I just discovered that this blog doesnt' display properly with firefox, so I apologise for that. It kind of bites. THere's unfortunately nothing I can do about it though, so my blog is just going to have to look like crap for the few of us out there who do actually use it.

Yes Ben, you have converted me....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Sequel: A Surprise Ending That Will Leave You Breathless

Or, you know; not alternatively...

So, last nigh
t was the long anticipated Snow Patrol concert...

Everyone know's I'm not the biggest fan, but I'm definitely more of a fan after having seen them live.

The crowd was appalling. Half the people you could tell had never been to a gig in their lives.
Ok...for everyone out there, here are a few do's and dont's:

Don't wear a mini dress - unless you like being finger raped by a whole bunch of adrenaline rushed sweaty men
Don't wear heels - you're standing for an insane amount of's really not pleasant. Same rule goes for thongs. Although if you're stupid enough to wear thongs into a mosh you deserve the foot pain.
Don't bring a handbag. It gets annoying. I had to take one unfortunately, and I really wish I'd just dropped it.
Don't wear a top that can easily be undone or that breasts are liable to fall out of - for reasons
that I'm sure are obvious.
Do tie your hair back. It keeps it from being pulled, and reduces the awful stench of smoke.
Do move!! Enjoy the music people!!!

I couldn't believe the crowd there. They were shocking. No one got into the music, no one moved. Snow Patrol are a little emo, and yet there was not one emo person there. At least Emo kids know how to enjoy their music. These people just stood there. There was a guy next to Kasi and I who we were pretty sure was actually falling asleep!

Starky was the support. They were a big part of the reason that I went in the first place. They rocked out. They were seriously awesome. The crowd just stood there like stunned mullets though. I didn't care. I went nuts anyway, and was the sole person to know the lyrics to any of their songs. At least I can enjoy my music, even if these generic people can't.

When Snow Patrol came out the crowd seemed to liven up a little. At least they were a little more vocal, but they still just stood there. Very, very disappointing. Didn't stop me having fun though. I just chose to slap around the girl behind me with my long plait. Hey, if you're not going to move with the rest of us then you get slapped with a pony tail. It's the rules of the game...

They were incredibly intense live. More reminiscent of Songs for Polar Bears. Live they get some of their heaviness back, rather than the emo stuff they've been releasing lately. The lighting was great for the music, and it was just an all round great gig. They seemed to love being there. I couldnt' take my eyes off the bass guitarist who, whenever he caught sight of the rare person who was dancing, or heard a cheer would just break out into this huge grin, like he was the happiest guy in the world that he could make the crowd happy with his music. They just seemed like a genuine band, who genuinely loved what they were doing. It's pretty rare to get the feeling from a band, and I'm glad the starky and snow patrol brought that out again. I appreciated it, even if the rest of the crowd couldnt' give a shit.

Overall, this gig was better than the TV on the Radio one for intensity, but worse for the crowd atmosphere.

Yay live music!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Giggity Gig

So, this is my gig month. Tonight I'm seeing Snow Patrol, and on Sunday night I went to the TV on the Radio gig.

Let me say this for the whole evening: Awesome!! As a very pleasant and rare surprise Wolf and Cub (the support) as well as TV on the Radio were as good live, if not better than their studio produced work. WaC were just intense; damn Adelaide for being the ass end of the universe and actually producing decent music. A 4 piece band with two drummers?? They simply went off! The sound was intense, loud and totally mosh worthy. I recommend everyone go see them, and I'm really, really looking forward to their debut album which should come out really soon. Mmm, so much spendage of the monies...I only wish I had more of it. *sigh* The gig wasnt' that packed, so I have no idea how they would have thought that they could even slightly fill up the Forum theatre. They probably realised their mistake and that's why the changed the venue to the hi-fi. Have I told you all recently how much I despise that place? Well I do. The sound quality there was the only thing that even slightly brought the gig down.

One thing I did notice was that there was a strangely attractive crowd. Usually the people who go to gigs are pretty gross. They were all in their mid-late 20's, and of the original emo generation. Before they started dying their hair and cutting themselves. Everyone was quite swanky and elegant; although the girls who thought it was a good idea to wear high heels to a gig had to be laughed at. What were they thinking??

So, on to TV on the Radio. They were mindblowing. Their music was mellow as well as jumpy. It was exciting and fresh. They were unlike any band I have ever seen. They just go so immersed in their music, and seemed to forget the crowd was there half the time, just loving the moment. one of the guitarists looked a lot like Drew Carey on stage which made me laugh a little, but he just looked like he was loving being there so much that it was awsome. They were so chilled on stage. There were some technical difficulties and the roady was constantly running on and off stage fixing drum kits and mike stands. At one point the lead singer stopped what he was doing and made everyone give the roady a round of applause. He love it. It was like seeing close friends on stage, that's how comfortable they made you feel. If they ever are in your home town I most definitely recommend you see them. The experience is indescribable.

I hold only high hopes for the gig tonight. I'm not the biggest Snow Patrol fan, but it sounds like it should be a good night nonetheless. Besides, Starky are the support, and I'm a fan of theirs. Lets hope I don't have to get into any more punchons with idiots who bag the supports. I never got're getting two bands for the price of one...just enjoy the free music....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fun facts; the general public is stupid.

Here's a fun fact for you all.

The Age assumes it's readership has the intellectual capacity of an 11 year old and writes it's articles accordingly.

The Herald Sun assumes the mental age of 9.

Taking this into account, how old do you think they assume the intellectual capabilities of the MX readers to be?

Think about it....

I love Transformers!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Network News makes me sick

I simply wanted to go on record and share my disgust at the recent coverage of the Justin Koschitzke incident.

For those of you who don't know, Justin Koschitzke collided with un umpire at a game last Saturday. I don't know the first thing about football, nor do I want to, being a soccer fan through and through. Have been all my life. My qualms however are not in this instance against the game, but about how the media reported the incident.

For those of you who saw the footage, you would have seen a very tall afl player run straight for the ball, completely disregarding the umpire who was standing near. They ended up colliding, hitting eachothers heads. I'm sure you've all done that at some point, and so you'd know how much it bloody well hurts. The footage went on to show a slightly dazed Koschitzke and an umpire lying sprawled on the ground, clutching his face in agony, rolling on the floor, clearly in the most amount of pain he's ever been in....

Then, on to the news report....

Apparently Justin Koschitzke chipped a tooth.

That's it??? What about that man that I just saw rolling on the floor in pain? Not a mention, not a word. He could be dead for all the media told us. He could be brain damaged from the force of the collission. I couldnt' believe it. I was disgusted. This was an accident that involved two people, and yet one of them didnt' even warrant a mention, except as the slightly irritating guy who took focus off the "star."

Sorry guys, but that was just bad form.

The moral of the story: stop watching network news.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reality Television Worth Coming Home For!

Sick and tired of the same old boring reality television? Equal parts man to woman, add in a couple of individuals, gender unknown, a whole lot of obnoxious rednecks, and the entire promiscuous population of any given city and you have any reality TV show created within the last few years.

It doesn't have to stay that way though. Introducting The Meow Mix House home to 10 previously homeless cats, where they fight (possibly to the death) for the affection of the viewing public.

Complete with cheezy voiceovers and blatant product placement this is a must see for all lovers of cute. Vote for the ones you love online now!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ladies, start your swooning!!

Sony BMG has brought the Hoff back!! He's alive and kicking it with his new music video "Come Jump in my Car." And here it is:

Don't you dare say I never do anything for you. ;-)